Is Audio Exam compatible with Computers and ChromeBooks?

Is Audio Exam compatible with Apple Computers and Chrome Books or other PCs?

The short answer:
Not right now, but we are redesigning the entire system and planning to have the new version of Audio Exam be cross-platform. At this point, we believe that will include students playing tests on iOS, Android, and web apps for running on computers and Chromebooks. The teacher edition will run on iOS and Android. In the next version, after this one, we may have the teacher edition also available on computers and Chromebooks.

The long answer:
The current version of Audio Exam was created on the cheap by a college student and a retired teacher (me). It was designed to run on iOS. The server started failing in 2019 and required professional engineers to "pull it out of the fire." The system had served classrooms for five years, and it was startling to realize that Audio Exam was going to break down and be gone if something major wasn't done. Too many teachers and students depended on this read-aloud app to let that happen, so a decision was made to invest in a complete redesign of the app using professionals.

The plan is to produce a cross-platform Audio Exam using modern software and a new server to deliver the features that teachers like you have requested. In addition, we have worked hard in the design phase to rethink everything about read-aloud testing and come up with the best possible experience for you and your students. The primary design phase is finished and the software engineers are preparing to build the app. We believe the result will be a bold, innovative, and exciting read-aloud testing system that you will love.

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