Turn on and off email on an iPad

How can teachers turn off or protect their email account on an iPad when students are using the iPad”?

For teachers who's iPads are also used by students they need to protect their email accounts. The only way to block or turn off an email account is to remove it from the iPad.

When sending or receiving teacher Audio Exam files (.aet files), teachers can first add their email account on the iPad, send or receive the files, and then remove the email account from the iPad, when they're finished.

Here's how to do it:

(1) Add a mail account on the iPad:
Go to: Settings > Mail > "Add Account” > follow the prompts to set up your Mail account on the iPad (enter your email address and password, (also enter the passcode sent to you if you have two-step verification).

(2) Send or receive the teacher Audio Exam files (.aet files)

(3) Delete a mail account on the iPad
Go to: Settings > Mail > select the email account to be deleted > tap "Delete Account" at the bottom of the page, > go back to the ACCOUNTS page and confirm that your email account is gone.

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