Use Teacher's iPad for Student Testing and Add Security

Q: I have a single student in my history class who needs tests read to her. Could I record on my ipad and just let her use the student player mode that is already in the Creator App?  

A: Yes you can. The easiest way is to tap the player tab at the bottom right, select from ”Saved Tests”, and hand the iPad to the student. However, you might want to provide supervision to ensure that the student stays on the Player mode. If the student accidentally, or intentionally, goes to the Creator mode, your original test could be altered or destroyed. 

Install the Player App on the Teacher’s iPad

Another solution would be to download the Player app to your device so the student would not be in your Creator app.

To do this:

(1) Download the free Player to your device,

(2) Broadcast the test and receive the test pass code

(3) Close the Creator app

(4) Open the Player on your device 

(5) Use the test pass code to download your test to the Player

(6) Once the test is downloaded to the Player, let your student use the Player on your iPad.

With this approach your student could not alter your original test without reopening the Creator. Additional advantages to using the Player is that the teacher receives a record of the student using the exam, sets the time for the exam to be available, and sets the amount of time that the student has to complete the exam from the time that they first download it.

Use Guided Access

If you want to add even more security to this procedure, you could use the iOS feature Guided Access to lock your student into the Player app until the test is finished. Guided Access is a feature designed specifically for teachers who need to be sure that students don't leave an app. If you don't know about this feature, you will want to try it out. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > learning/Guided Access.

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