How many tests can I save?

Q: How many tests can I save?  Am I limited only by the storage size of my iPad or is there an upper limit that the app can handle?

A: After creating an exam you can continue to reuse it, edit it, and rebroadcast it as many times as you want. We have built in no limits for saving tests within the Audio Exam Creator, so your limit would be the storage size of your iPad. However, there is virtually no limit to the number of tests you can save if you export tests via email and then import them for reuse later. You can save the files on your computer and reuse them any time by emailing them to your iPad and opening them with the Creator.

Export via mail

An Audio Exam Creator file is the teachers original source file. When it is exported via email, it is a .aet file and can be saved like any file on a computer, or any storage device, and reused by the teacher or sent to another teacher. The original teacher’s source file, the .aet file, requires the Audio Exam Creator to open, edit, and reuse it. To email the .aet files to yourself or to others, click the email envelope icon at the lower left of your Creator page.

Import via mail

To return an exam to the Audio Exam Creator on your iPad, include the .aet file as an attachment in an email message to yourself. Open the email message using Apple’s mail. Tap the attachment and see a window pop up giving you choices for how to open the attachment. You will see the Audio Exam icon. Tap on that icon, and see your imported test open within the Audio Exam Creator. 

Sharing with your colleagues

If you share your original exam, .aet file, with other teachers who have the Audio Exam Creator installed on their iPads, they will use the same procedure, importing the .aet file with Apple’s mail.

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