“Test Expired” is a message we get when we attempt to download an Audio Exam.

“Test Expired” is a message we get when we attempt to download an Audio Exam.

The quick fix for this problem is usually to ask the teacher who created the exam to rebroadcast the exam and give you a new test code. Let the teacher know when the exam needs to be taken so the exam will not be expired.


When an Audio Exam is created it will not expire on the teacher’s iPad, and it is secure. However, each time an exam is broadcasted it is “handed out” to a student or students by giving them the test code. To enable teachers to protect exams that have been broadcasted, each broadcast has a number of security options - expiration date, time limit, maximum downloads, and require name. By default, the expiration time on an exam is about 24 hours from the time it is broadcasted. This expiration date can be increased to cover the period when the test will be used by students. 

Removing limitations on when and how the exam can be downloaded decreases the security of the exam. Broader time limits are used when security is not as critical. The default settings are moderately narrow to protect the academic integrity of the exam. When higher security is needed, narrower time limits are used. Teachers can rebroadcast an exam with narrow time limits as many times as needed, and they will receive a new test code for each broadcast.

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