Networking with Audio Exams

How do we network so we can share exams we have created?

All teachers with an Audio Exam Creator can create an Audio Exam and broadcast that exam to students as many times as they want to. Additionally, that teachers recording of the exam is automatically saved on the iPad as a source file that can be edited and reused. Each time it is broadcasted the download parameters can be reset.

When the iPad has an Apple Mail account, that source file (.aet file) can be emailed to anyone, archived on a PC or network computer, opened with an Audio Exam Creator, broadcasted in its original form or edited to meet the new teacher's requirements. Editing can be as simple as renaming the exam, the teacher's name, and the date, but the teacher who receives this original source file has complete control to edit the order of test questions, the text of test questions, the audio recording, and the total number of questions used, as if he or she were the original creator of the Audio Exam.

Since teachers can take turns recording Audio Exams, they create their own networks when they share exams by email. The network may be informal and small, such as two science teachers. Other times, an entire department organizes so recorded audio exams are available to everyone in the department and everyone in the department participates in recording exams. Sometimes teachers delegate the recording of Audio Exams to a teaching assistant or volunteer who proved to be skilled at the task. These high quality Audio Exams are then made available to everyone in the department.

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