Audio Exam file not opening in Gmail app

Q: I created a exam, and using the email button (the envelope at the bottom of the page), I send it to another teacher, but she cannot get the link to open using her iPad. I sent it to her school email address which is a google address and she’s opening it with Gmail. Is that a problem?

A: There's no problem with using Gmail or any other mail account, but the email message must be opened in the Apple Mail app on the iPad in order to open the attachment with the Audio Exam Creator.

With other apps such as Gmail, or the website for Gmail, your colleague would be able to read the message and see the ( .aet) attachment but would not be able to open the attachment using the Audio Exam Creator.

To open the Audio Exam attachment (the “.aet" file) your colleague would need to:

(1) have the Apple Mail app set up for receiving email messages on the iPad

(2) have the Audio Exam Creator install on the iPad

(3) receive your email using the Apple Mail app on the iPad

(4) tap the attachment

(5) see a window pop up giving you choices for how to open the attachment

(6) see the Audio Exam icon as one of those choices

(7) tap the Audio Exam button

(8) see your imported test open within the Audio Exam Creator

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