Unintentionally Deleting an Exam in the Creator

Q: I thought I was in Audio Exam Player and started deleting some of the test downloaded, but I was actually in Exam Creator and deleted some of the exam I had saved. Is there a way to get these exams back?

A: The teachers version of an exam, the .aet file, stays with the teacher, and does not go to the cloud. It's automatically saves to the iPad, but the teacher has the option to export the exam to themselves or to someone else, using the envelope icon on the lower left side of the Creator page.

When exported via email, it can be saved like any file on a computer, or any storage device, and reused by the teacher or sent to another teacher. This saved emailed file can be imported back to the teacher's iPad even if the original has been erased.

If you happen to have emailed any of those exams, you can retrieve them and reinstall them on your Creator. Let me know if I can help you with this or check out the notes below.


Here's how you can learn more about emailing exams to yourself as a back up and other tips.
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From the Audio Exam Creator or Player app:
(1) click on the info button (i), in the corner.
(2) see the "Help & Settings" window.
(3) click on "Help & Feedback.
(4) searched the help topics by typing a word or two about your question or problem in the search box, for instance, "email", "text", "security", "network", etc.
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