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  1. Add Instructions or Other information Before Any Test Question

  2. After recording, I don't get any sound in playback?

  3. App Closes When Downloading Test

  4. Audio Exam file not opening in Gmail app

  5. Broadcast Security Options - expiration date, time limit, maximum downloads

  6. Can text boxes and pictures be imported into a test?

  7. Can the Audio Exam Player be used with other languages?

  8. Does an exam remain on a player until I delete it from the student’s device?

  9. Export/Import Teachers Version of an Exam

  10. Get a school/district-wide license for this app?

  11. How do I delete an exam from a student's player?

  12. How do I delete an exam on the Creator?

  13. How many tests can I save?

  14. I don't get any sound in playback?

  15. Import Exam Text from a PDF file or Webpage

  16. Import Text into Audio Exam Creator

  17. Internet Content Filter blocks parts of the Audio Exam app.

  18. Is Audio Exam compatible with Computers and ChromeBooks?

  19. Log out a student so another student can start the same exam?

  20. Minimum OS requirements

  21. Move Audio Exams from one iPad onto a new iPad?

  22. Networking with Audio Exams

  23. Older iPhones are “Not Compatible with this Version”

  24. Preparing text for importing into Audio Exam Creator (Formatting)

  25. Privacy policy

  26. Quickstart without text

  27. Removing an Exam from the Audio Exam Creator

  28. Sample Test Questions Text

  29. Students get “Invalid Broadcast Code”

  30. Tests on Audio Player say they are expired even though

  31. Text doesn't import correctly into the text window.

  32. Troubleshooting: Can I fix problems for myself?

  33. Troubleshooting: Let's see if you can email that exam to me so I can attempt to upload it.

  34. Turn on and off email on an iPad

  35. Typing and Editing Question Text

  36. Unintentionally Deleting an Exam in the Creator

  37. Use Teacher's iPad for Student Testing and Add Security

  38. We get the message “…device not supported…”

  39. What's the quickest way to get help?

  40. What's to keep a student from texting answers to another student or doing other things with the device during a test?

  41. “Test Expired” is a message we get when we attempt to download an Audio Exam.

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